9.5-24 tire R-1 pattern

9.5-24 Tire R-1 Pattern for Tractors


Welcome to the comprehensive guide on the 9.5-24 tire R-1 pattern for tractors. If you’re in the market for a new set of tractor tires, you’ve probably come across the 9.5-24 size with the R-1 tread pattern. But what makes this tire size and pattern so special? Why should you consider it for your tractor? In this article, we’ll dive deep into the specifics of the 9.5-24 R-1 tire, including its size details, tread patterns, applications, benefits, and how it stacks up against other tire types.

We’ll also include tables to present information on tire size, inflation pressure, tread depth, suppliers, pricing, applications, benefits, and comparisons with other tires. By the end of this guide, you’ll have a thorough understanding of whether the 9.5-24 R-1 tire is the right fit for your tractor needs.

9.5-24 tire R-1 pattern

Key Details of 9.5-24 Tire R-1 Pattern for Tractors

The 9.5-24 tire size with an R-1 tread pattern is a popular choice for many agricultural tractors. It offers a balance of traction, durability, and versatility, making it suitable for various farming tasks. Let’s start by breaking down its specifications.

Tire Size Explanation

The size designation of 9.5-24 indicates several key dimensions of the tire. Here’s what it means:

  • 9.5: The width of the tire in inches.
  • 24: The diameter of the rim in inches that the tire fits.

Detailed Explanation of Tire Size

Tire SizeTire Width (inches)Rim Diameter (inches)Overall Diameter (inches)Section Width (inches)

Tire PR Rating (Ply Rating) Explanation

Ply rating is an important aspect that indicates the tire’s strength and durability. It’s particularly crucial for heavy-duty agricultural work.

Tire SizePly Rating (PR)Load Capacity (lbs)Recommended Inflation Pressure (psi)

Tread Pattern Explanation

The R-1 tread pattern is designed to provide optimal traction in both wet and dry soil conditions. It features deep lugs that can grip soft soil while maintaining stability on harder surfaces.

Tread Pattern Details

Tread PatternLug Depth (inches)Lug SpacingSoil Compaction LevelTraction LevelDurability

Suppliers and Pricing Details

When choosing the right tire, knowing where to buy and the price range is crucial. Here’s a look at some suppliers and their pricing for the 9.5-24 R-1 tire.

Suppliers and Pricing

SupplierBrandPrice Range (USD)WarrantyDelivery Options
Tire RackFirestone$250 – $3505 yearsFree shipping
Tractor Supply Co.Goodyear$275 – $3756 yearsIn-store pickup
Discount TireMichelin$300 – $4007 yearsHome delivery
Rural KingBKT$240 – $3405 yearsFree shipping

Applications of 9.5-24 Tire R-1 Pattern for Tractors

The versatility of the 9.5-24 R-1 tire makes it suitable for various agricultural tasks. Here are some common applications:

Applications and Uses

ApplicationSuitable ConditionsPerformance Benefits
PlowingSoft to medium soilExcellent traction and stability
TillingMoist to dry soilReduced soil compaction
HarvestingVaried soil conditionsEnhanced durability
Field TransportFirm groundSmooth ride and durability
MowingDry to slightly damp soilEfficient and clean cut

Benefits of 9.5-24 Tire R-1 Pattern for Tractors

Choosing the right tire can significantly impact your tractor’s performance. Here are the key benefits of the 9.5-24 R-1 tire pattern.


Enhanced TractionDeep lugs provide superior grip in various soil conditions.
DurabilityHigh-quality construction ensures long life and resistance to wear.
VersatilitySuitable for a wide range of agricultural tasks and soil types.
Reduced Soil CompactionDesigned to minimize soil disturbance, promoting better crop growth.
Comfortable RideEven on rough terrain, these tires offer a smoother driving experience.

Comparing Different Types of Tires

It’s essential to compare the 9.5-24 R-1 tire with other types to understand its advantages better.

Comparison with Other Tire Types

Feature9.5-24 R-1 Tire9.5-24 R-1W Tire9.5-24 R-2 Tire9.5-24 R-3 Tire
TractionHighHigher in wet conditionsVery High in muddy soilModerate
Soil CompactionLowModerateHighVery Low
Ride ComfortModerateModerateLowHigh
Best ForGeneral farming tasksWet and clay soilsMuddy and wet fieldsTurf and light farming
9.5-24 tire R-1 pattern


Q: What does the 9.5-24 tire size mean?

  • A: The 9.5 indicates the tire width in inches, and 24 is the diameter of the rim the tire fits.

Q: What is the ply rating (PR) of a 9.5-24 tire, and why is it important?

  • A: The ply rating (PR) indicates the tire’s strength and load capacity. Higher PR means more layers of material, providing greater durability and load-bearing capacity.

Q: How does the R-1 tread pattern benefit agricultural work?

  • A: The R-1 tread pattern offers excellent traction in both wet and dry conditions, reduces soil compaction, and ensures a smoother ride on rough terrains.

Q: What are the main applications of the 9.5-24 R-1 tire?

  • A: These tires are suitable for plowing, tilling, harvesting, field transport, and mowing, making them versatile for various farming tasks.

Q: How do I choose the right ply rating for my needs?

  • A: Consider the load you’ll be carrying and the conditions you’ll be working in. Higher ply ratings are better for heavier loads and tougher conditions.

Q: Where can I buy 9.5-24 R-1 tires?

  • A: You can purchase these tires from suppliers like Tire Rack, Tractor Supply Co., Discount Tire, and Rural King.


The 9.5-24 tire with an R-1 pattern is a robust and versatile option for tractors, ideal for various agricultural applications. Its unique combination of size, tread pattern, and ply rating makes it a reliable choice for farmers looking to enhance their tractor’s performance. Whether you’re plowing, tilling, or transporting, the 9.5-24 R-1 tire offers the traction, durability, and comfort needed to get the job done efficiently.

By understanding the detailed specifications and comparing it with other tire options, you can make an informed decision that best suits your farming needs. Remember to consider factors like ply rating, tread depth, and supplier reliability when making your purchase.

Ready to upgrade your tractor’s tires? Dive into the world of 9.5-24 R-1 tires and experience the difference they can make in your agricultural operations. Happy farming!

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