Specialty Tire Solutions by Mettire Tire

Mettire Tire stands at the forefront of innovation in specialty tire manufacturing. Our steadfast dedication to precision and collaboration has cemented our leadership in this sector. With an unwavering focus on advanced technology and close partnerships with clients, we ensure that each solution we deliver meets the highest standards of quality. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every product, service, and interaction.

  • Expertise in Custom Tire Solutions
  • Cutting-Edge Manufacturing Capabilities
  • Premium Range of Tire Materials
  • Comprehensive Solutions for All Requirements
  • Collaborative Approach with Clients
  • Pioneering Technology and Research


14+ Years Of Professional Excellence

With over 14 years of professional experience in the specialty tire industry, Mettire Tire has amassed a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Our seasoned team brings unparalleled know-how to every facet of tire manufacturing.

36 Months Of Unwavering Warranty

We stand behind the quality of our products, which is why we offer an extensive 36-month warranty. This commitment ensures that you not only receive tires but also peace of mind, knowing that we uphold the durability and reliability of our products.

A Tire For Every Application

Mettire Tire boasts an expansive product portfolio, offering a diverse range of specialty tires tailored to excel in various applications. From industrial to agricultural, we provide the perfect tire solution to meet your unique requirements.

Exemplary Quality Control Standards

Quality is ingrained in our ethos. Our tire manufacturing process adheres to the highest quality control standards. Each tire undergoes rigorous testing and inspection to ensure it meets our uncompromising quality benchmarks.

Committed To Integrity And Service

At Mettire Tire, we prioritize integrity and service excellence. Our commitment to transparency and ethical business practices fosters trust and enduring partnerships with our valued customers. We are not just tire suppliers; we are your trusted collaborators on the journey to success.

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At Mettire, we take pride in precision manufacturing while understanding the critical role of supply chain management.
Our commitment extends beyond excellent production to ensuring a streamlined and dependable supply chain.

Extensive Product

Mettire Tire offers a diverse array of specialty tires and wheels to meet various application needs. From large industrial tires to small agricultural ones, we serve as your comprehensive destination for the perfect solution.

Highly Customized

Mettire Tire provides highly customizable manufacturing options. Whether it’s special sizes, custom designs, or industry-specific requirements, our engineering team collaborates to fulfill your exact specifications.

Exemplary Manufacturing

We take pride in maintaining exemplary quality control standards and manufacturing processes. Each product undergoes rigorous quality testing to meet industry-leading benchmarks.

Efficient Supply Chain

Mettire Tire ensures seamless coordination from raw material procurement to production and delivery. Our supply chain team prioritizes reliability and efficiency, offering comprehensive supply chain solutions.