4.00-8 non-marking solid tire

4.00-8 Non-Marking Solid Tire IND Pattern for Forklifts

Overview of 4.00-8 Non-Marking Solid Tire IND Pattern for Forklifts

When it comes to forklifts, the choice of tires plays a critical role in performance, safety, and efficiency. One specific tire that has garnered attention is the 4.00-8 non-marking solid tire with IND pattern. This tire is designed to handle the demanding environment of warehouse operations while preventing floor damage and ensuring smooth, safe operations.

This guide will dive into the specifics of the 4.00-8 non-marking solid tire, exploring its size, PR rating, tread pattern, and more. We’ll also compare it with other types of forklift tires and provide insights on its applications, benefits, and where you can purchase these tires.

Key Details of 4.00-8 Non-Marking Solid Tire IND Pattern

  • Size: 4.00-8
  • Type: Non-marking solid tire
  • Pattern: Industrial (IND)
  • Application: Forklifts
  • Benefits: Durable, no floor marking, high load capacity
4.00-8 non-marking solid tire

Size Explanation of 4.00-8 Non-Marking Solid Tire IND Pattern for Forklifts

Understanding tire size is essential for ensuring compatibility and performance. The 4.00-8 tire size is specifically designed for certain types of forklifts and comes with specific parameters that affect its performance.

Detailed Explanation of Tire Size

Tire Size4.00-8
Section Width4.00 inches
Overall Diameter16 inches
Rim Diameter8 inches
Aspect Ratio– (since it’s a solid tire, this is not applicable as with pneumatic tires)

Detailed Explanation of Tire Inflation Pressure

Non-marking solid tires do not require inflation, which eliminates the maintenance and risk of blowouts associated with pneumatic tires. Here’s what you need to know:

Inflation PressureNot applicable (solid tire)
Load CapacityUp to 2200 lbs per tire depending on the specific model and application
Maintenance RequirementsMinimal (no air pressure checks needed)

Detailed Explanation of Tire PR Rating

The Ply Rating (PR) indicates the tire’s strength and load-carrying capacity. For solid tires, this is typically replaced by load rating and load index.

PR RatingEquivalent to high load index in solid tires, indicating robust construction
Load Index102/102A (varies by manufacturer)
DurabilityExtremely high due to solid rubber construction
4.00-8 non-marking solid tire

Tread Pattern Explanation of 4.00-8 Non-Marking Solid Tire IND Pattern for Forklifts

The tread pattern is crucial for traction and stability. The IND pattern on these tires is specifically designed for industrial use.

Tread PatternIND (Industrial)
TractionExcellent, suitable for indoor and some outdoor use
Wear ResistanceHigh, designed for durability in tough environments
Noise LevelLow, due to the solid construction and non-marking design

Applications of 4.00-8 Non-Marking Solid Tire IND Pattern for Forklifts

These tires are ideal for various applications, mainly in industrial and warehousing environments.

WarehousingPerfect for smooth concrete floors, avoiding floor damage
ManufacturingHandles the weight of heavy machinery and materials
Distribution CentersEnsures efficient movement of goods without marking floors
Cold StorageMaintains performance in low-temperature environments
Retail and SupermarketsSuitable for indoor use, preventing floor marking and providing quiet operation

Benefits of 4.00-8 Non-Marking Solid Tire IND Pattern for Forklifts

Using 4.00-8 non-marking solid tires on forklifts offers several advantages, making them a preferred choice in many industries.

DurabilityLong-lasting due to solid rubber construction
No MarkingLeaves no marks on floors, preserving the aesthetics and cleanliness
Low MaintenanceNo need for inflation, reducing downtime and maintenance costs
SafetyReduces the risk of punctures and blowouts, enhancing operational safety
StabilityProvides excellent stability and load-bearing capacity
VersatilitySuitable for a variety of indoor applications

Comparing Different Types of Forklift Tires

When choosing forklift tires, it’s essential to consider the differences between solid, pneumatic, and cushion tires.

Solid Tires vs. Pneumatic Tires vs. Cushion Tires

FeatureSolid TiresPneumatic TiresCushion Tires
DurabilityExtremely highModerate, subject to puncturesHigh, best on smooth surfaces
MaintenanceLow (no inflation needed)High (regular inflation and inspection required)Low (similar to solid tires)
Load CapacityHighModerate to highHigh, but not as high as solid tires
Floor MarkingNon-marking availableCan mark floorsCan mark floors
TractionExcellent in various conditionsGood, especially outdoorsBest on indoor, smooth surfaces
CostHigher upfront cost but lower maintenanceLower upfront cost but higher maintenanceModerate cost, moderate maintenance
ComfortFirm ride, less shock absorptionSofter ride, better shock absorptionFirm ride, similar to solid tires
Ideal Use CaseIndoor industrial use, some outdoor applicationsOutdoor use, rough terrainsIndoor use, smooth surfaces

Suppliers and Pricing Details for 4.00-8 Non-Marking Solid Tires

When looking to purchase these tires, several suppliers offer them with varying prices. Here’s a look at some options:

SupplierPrice RangeContact Information
Supplier A$80 – $100 per tirewww.suppliera.com
Supplier B$85 – $110 per tirewww.supplierb.com
Supplier C$90 – $120 per tirewww.supplierc.com
4.00-8 non-marking solid tire


What are non-marking tires?Non-marking tires are designed to prevent leaving marks on the floor, ideal for indoor use in clean environments.
Why choose solid tires over pneumatic ones?Solid tires are more durable, require less maintenance, and eliminate the risk of punctures.
What does the IND pattern mean?IND stands for Industrial, indicating a tread pattern suited for industrial applications, providing good traction.
How often do solid tires need to be replaced?It depends on usage, but they typically last longer than pneumatic tires due to their robust construction.
Are non-marking tires more expensive?They can be slightly more expensive upfront but offer long-term savings by preventing floor damage and reducing maintenance costs.
Can these tires be used outdoors?While primarily designed for indoor use, they can handle some outdoor applications but are best on smooth surfaces.


Choosing the right tires for your forklift can significantly impact your operations’ efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness. The 4.00-8 non-marking solid tire with IND pattern is an excellent choice for many industrial and warehouse applications. These tires offer durability, low maintenance, and the crucial benefit of preventing floor marking.

When you invest in these tires, you’re ensuring that your forklifts perform at their best while maintaining the integrity of your work environment. Whether you’re in warehousing, manufacturing, or any other industry that relies on forklifts, these tires are worth considering for their numerous advantages.

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