6.50-16 tire

6.50-16 Tire Rib Pattern for Truck

Overview of 6.50-16 Tire Rib Pattern for Truck

When it comes to truck tires, the 6.50-16 tire rib pattern is a popular choice for many drivers. But what exactly makes these tires stand out? This article dives deep into everything you need to know about the 6.50-16 tire rib pattern for trucks. We’ll cover the essential aspects like size, tire inflation pressure, tread depth, and more. Plus, we’ll compare it to other types of tires, discuss applications, benefits, and provide supplier and pricing details. Buckle up, let’s hit the road!

Key Specifications and Dimensions

Understanding the specifics of the 6.50-16 tire is crucial. Here’s a detailed table summarizing the primary dimensions and specifications.

Tire Size6.50-16
Overall Diameter28.5 inches
Section Width6.5 inches
Rim Width16 inches
Load RangeC, D, E
Tread Depth12/32 inch
Max Inflation Pressure55-80 psi
6.50-16 tire

Detailed Explanation of Tire Size

The size of a tire might seem straightforward, but each number and letter has a specific meaning. Let’s break down the 6.50-16 tire size:

6.50Width of the tire in inches
16Diameter of the rim in inches

This size ensures a balance between load capacity and road contact, ideal for various truck applications.

Tire PR Rating Explanation

The Ply Rating (PR) of a tire is a significant factor that indicates its strength and load capacity. Here’s a look at what different PR ratings mean for 6.50-16 tires:

PR RatingLoad Capacity
6 PR1,760 lbs
8 PR2,205 lbs
10 PR2,755 lbs

Tread Pattern Explanation

The rib pattern in truck tires is crucial for several reasons. Let’s dive into the specifics of the rib pattern for 6.50-16 tires:

DesignMultiple straight ribs running parallel to the tire’s circumference
PurposeImproved straight-line stability, better handling, and even wear
BenefitsEnhanced fuel efficiency, reduced rolling resistance, superior traction on dry and wet surfaces

Suppliers and Pricing Details

Finding the right supplier and getting the best price is essential. Here’s a comparison of suppliers and their pricing for 6.50-16 rib pattern tires:

SupplierPrice RangeWarrantyAdditional Services
Tire Rack$80 – $12060,000 milesFree shipping
Discount Tire$85 – $13065,000 milesFree installation
Amazon$75 – $11050,000 milesPrime delivery
Walmart$70 – $11555,000 milesIn-store pickup available

Applications of 6.50-16 Tire Rib Pattern for Truck

The versatility of the 6.50-16 tire rib pattern makes it suitable for various truck applications. Here’s a table outlining its primary uses:

Highway DrivingOptimal for long-distance travel on highways
Urban DeliveryGreat for city driving, frequent stops, and starts
Agricultural UseSuitable for farm trucks, providing stability on unpaved roads
Light Off-RoadCan handle light off-road conditions, such as gravel roads

Benefits of 6.50-16 Tire Rib Pattern for Truck

What sets the 6.50-16 tire rib pattern apart? Here are the key benefits:

Fuel EfficiencyThe rib pattern reduces rolling resistance, improving fuel economy
LongevityEven tread wear leads to longer tire life
HandlingBetter straight-line stability and handling, crucial for safety on the road
VersatilitySuitable for various applications, from highway to light off-road use
TractionEnhanced grip on both dry and wet surfaces, ensuring reliable performance

Comparing Different Types of Tires

How does the 6.50-16 rib pattern tire stack up against other types? Let’s compare:

FeatureRib Pattern TireAll-Terrain TireMud-Terrain Tire
Fuel EfficiencyHighModerateLow
Tread LifeLongModerateShort
HandlingSuperior on paved roadsGood on various terrainsPoor on paved roads, great off-road
Noise LevelLowModerateHigh
TractionExcellent on dry/wet surfacesGood on all surfacesExcellent in mud and snow
VersatilityBest for highway and urban useBest for mixed driving conditionsBest for extreme off-road conditions

Additional Key Parameters

For those who love diving into the specifics, here are some additional parameters of the 6.50-16 rib pattern tire:

ReinforcementSteel-belted for added durability
SidewallAvailable in both standard and reinforced sidewall options
Temperature RatingB (suitable for moderate temperatures)
Traction RatingA (excellent traction on both wet and dry surfaces)
Speed RatingR (max speed of 106 mph)
6.50-16 tire


What vehicles use 6.50-16 tires?Typically used on light trucks, delivery vehicles, and some agricultural machinery.
Are rib pattern tires good for off-road?They are suitable for light off-road use but not ideal for extreme off-road conditions.
How often should I rotate these tires?It’s recommended to rotate every 6,000 to 8,000 miles for even wear.
What is the average lifespan of a 6.50-16 tire?With proper maintenance, they can last between 50,000 to 70,000 miles.
Do these tires come with a warranty?Yes, most manufacturers offer warranties ranging from 50,000 to 65,000 miles.
How do I maintain these tires for longevity?Regular rotation, proper inflation, and avoiding overloading will extend their lifespan.


The 6.50-16 tire rib pattern for trucks is a versatile and reliable choice for many applications. Whether you’re driving on highways, navigating city streets, or venturing onto light off-road paths, these tires offer excellent performance, longevity, and fuel efficiency. By understanding their specifications, benefits, and comparing them with other types of tires, you can make an informed decision that best suits your needs.

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