6.00-16 tire F-3 pattern for agricultural tractor

6.00-16 Tire F-3 Pattern for Agricultural Tractor

Welcome to our deep dive into the 6.00-16 tire F-3 pattern for agricultural tractors. If you’re in the market for new tractor tires or just curious about what makes these specific tires tick, you’ve come to the right place. This article will explore every aspect of these tires, from size specifications to their practical applications, ensuring you get a comprehensive understanding of their benefits and use cases.

Overview of the 6.00-16 Tire F-3 Pattern

The 6.00-16 tire with an F-3 pattern is a staple in the agricultural industry, renowned for its durability, reliability, and performance. These tires are designed specifically for front tractor applications, providing excellent traction and stability. The F-3 pattern, in particular, offers a unique tread design that enhances grip and maneuverability on various terrains.

Here’s a quick look at the essential features:

  • Size: 6.00-16
  • Pattern: F-3
  • Application: Front tractor
  • Benefits: Enhanced traction, stability, and longevity
6.00-16 tire F-3 pattern for agricultural tractor

Detailed Explanation of Tire Size: 6.00-16

Understanding the size notation of the 6.00-16 tire is crucial. Here’s a breakdown:

Size AspectDetails
6.00This refers to the tire’s width in inches.
16This is the rim diameter in inches.
Aspect RatioTypically implies a high sidewall for stability.

Tire Inflation Pressure, Tread Depth, and Specifications

To ensure optimal performance, maintaining the correct tire inflation pressure and understanding the tread depth is essential.

Inflation Pressure32 PSI (optimal)
Tread Depth12/32 inches
Load Capacity1040 lbs (per tire)
Rim Width4.5 inches

Tire PR (Ply Rating) Explanation

The Ply Rating (PR) indicates the tire’s strength and durability. For the 6.00-16 tire, it’s usually rated at 6 PR.

Ply Rating (PR)Explanation
6 PRSignifies a sturdy tire with good load-bearing capacity.

Tread Pattern Explanation of 6.00-16 Tire F-3 Pattern

The F-3 tread pattern is designed for specific performance enhancements in agricultural settings.

Tread DesignThree-rib pattern
AdvantagesSuperior steering, minimal soil disturbance
Terrain SuitabilitySuitable for both soft and hard soil conditions

Suppliers and Pricing Details

Finding the right supplier is crucial for getting the best deal on your 6.00-16 F-3 pattern tires. Here’s a rundown of some reputable suppliers and their pricing.

SupplierPrice RangeAdditional Services
Supplier A$100 – $120 per tireFree shipping for orders over $500
Supplier B$110 – $130 per tire10% discount on bulk orders
Supplier C$105 – $125 per tireInstallation services available

Applications of 6.00-16 Tire F-3 Pattern for Agricultural Tractor

These tires are incredibly versatile and can be used in various agricultural applications.

Front Tractor TiresIdeal for providing traction and steering on the front axle.
Utility VehiclesSuitable for utility vehicles in agricultural settings.
Farm ImplementsUsed on various farm implements and machinery for stability.

Benefits of 6.00-16 Tire F-3 Pattern for Agricultural Tractor

Why should you choose the 6.00-16 F-3 pattern tires for your tractor? Here are some compelling reasons:

Enhanced TractionThe three-rib pattern ensures superior grip on various terrains.
Improved StabilityWider surface area provides better balance and control.
DurabilityHigh-quality materials ensure long-lasting performance.
VersatilitySuitable for multiple agricultural applications.

Comparison of Different Types of Agricultural Tires

Choosing the right tire involves comparing various options. Here’s how the 6.00-16 F-3 pattern stacks up against other common agricultural tires.

Tire Type6.00-16 F-3 Pattern6.00-16 R-1 Pattern6.00-16 F-2 Pattern
Soil DisturbanceLowModerateLow
VersatilityHighSpecific to soft soilsVersatile
6.00-16 tire F-3 pattern for agricultural tractor


What is the recommended tire pressure for the 6.00-16 F-3 pattern tire?

32 PSI for optimal performance and longevity.

How does the F-3 pattern compare to other tread patterns?

The F-3 pattern offers superior traction and stability compared to F-2 and R-1 patterns, making it more versatile for different terrains.

Where can I buy 6.00-16 F-3 pattern tires?

Several reputable suppliers offer these tires, including Supplier A, Supplier B, and Supplier C, with prices ranging from $100 to $130 per tire.

What is the load capacity of the 6.00-16 F-3 pattern tire?

Each tire can support up to 1040 lbs, ensuring adequate support for heavy agricultural equipment.

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