Wholesale Prices for Everyone


Wholesale Pricing for All at Mettire Tire

We believe in making wholesale prices accessible to everyone, regardless of the quantity needed. That’s why we extend wholesale pricing to all our OTR tires, even if you’re purchasing just one.

Here are the benefits of buying OTR tires at wholesale prices from Mettire Tire:

Save Money: Enjoy significant savings when buying OTR tires at wholesale prices, especially for large quantities.

Best Prices Guaranteed: We work directly with manufacturers to secure the best possible prices on OTR tires, ensuring you always get the most competitive deal.

No Minimum Order: There’s no minimum order quantity required, allowing you the flexibility to purchase as many or as few OTR tires as you need.

Convenient Online Ordering: Our user-friendly online ordering system makes purchasing OTR tires effortless. Browse our wide selection, compare prices, and place your order with just a few clicks.

Fast and Reliable Shipping: Benefit from fast and reliable shipping on all our OTR tires. We offer various shipping options to suit your preferences and needs.

If you’re seeking the best prices on OTR tires, Mettire Tire is the ideal choice for you. Contact us today to discover more about our products and services.


4 Core Steps


We turn your ideas into precise blueprints.


Our skilled engineers bring your design to life.


Our advanced facilities ensure industry-leading quality.


Rigorous testing guarantees top-tier performance and durability.


Unleash The Power Of Customization

Crafted For Precision

Our custom solutions are precision-crafted to meet your exact specifications. Whether you require specialized tire sizes, unique tread patterns, or specific wheel configurations, our expert engineers are here to transform your vision into reality.


We recognize that tires and wheels play a pivotal role across various industries. Mettire Tire’s custom solutions are application-oriented, ensuring that the final product is perfectly suited to excel in your specific field, whether it’s agriculture, construction, logistics, or any other industry.


Performance is at the core of what we do. When you choose Mettire Tire’s custom solutions, you’re choosing tires and wheels engineered for peak performance, optimized for durability, safety, and efficiency.


Why Choose Mettire Tire

Mettire Tire delivers unparalleled expertise, innovation, and quality in the industry. With over a decade of experience, we excel in customization and integrate the latest advancements in tire and wheel manufacturing. Our stringent quality control guarantees industry-leading standards. Additionally, we offer comprehensive end-to-end support, establishing us as your trusted partner throughout the journey.