6.50-10 super deep tire IND pattern

6.50-10 Tire IND Pattern for Forklift and Other Industrial Vehicles


When it comes to forklifts and other industrial vehicles, choosing the right tire is crucial for performance, safety, and cost-effectiveness. The 6.50-10 tire with an industrial (IND) pattern stands out for its robustness, traction, and durability, making it a popular choice in the industrial sector. This article delves deep into the specifics of the 6.50-10 tire IND pattern, including its size, tread pattern, PR rating, applications, and benefits. We’ll also compare it to other types of tires and provide information on suppliers and pricing. Let’s get started!

6.50-10 tire IND pattern

Key Specifications of 6.50-10 Tire IND Pattern

Detailed Tire Specifications

To give you a comprehensive understanding, here’s a breakdown of the key specifications for the 6.50-10 tire IND pattern.

Tire Size6.50-10
Tire Inflation Pressure125 psi
Tread Depth16/32 inch
Load Capacity3000 lbs
Ply Rating (PR)12 PR
Tread PatternIndustrial (IND)
Rim Size10 inches
Overall Diameter24.5 inches

Size Explanation of 6.50-10 Tire IND Pattern for Forklift and Other Industrial Vehicles

Understanding tire sizes can be tricky, but it’s essential for ensuring compatibility and performance.

6.50Indicates the tire width in inches
10Refers to the rim diameter in inches
INDStands for Industrial, signifying the tread pattern designed for heavy-duty use

Ply Rating (PR) Explanation

Ply rating (PR) indicates the tire’s strength and capacity to carry loads.

PR RatingExplanation
12 PREquivalent to a 12-ply construction, offering higher load capacity and durability

Tread Pattern Explanation of 6.50-10 Tire IND Pattern

The tread pattern significantly impacts a tire’s grip, stability, and wear resistance.

Tread PatternExplanation
Industrial (IND)Designed with deeper grooves and wider lugs for improved traction, stability, and resistance to wear and tear, ideal for rugged industrial environments

Suppliers and Pricing Details

Choosing the right supplier is as important as choosing the right tire. Here are some top suppliers and their pricing for the 6.50-10 tire IND pattern.

SupplierPrice (USD)Additional Services
TireHub$120Free installation, 1-year warranty
Industrial Tire Co.$115Bulk discounts, 6-month warranty
Forklift Tires Direct$125Free shipping, 2-year warranty
Heavy Duty Tires$130On-site installation, 3-year warranty

Applications of 6.50-10 Tire IND Pattern

The versatility of the 6.50-10 tire IND pattern makes it suitable for a range of applications.

ForkliftsProvides stability and traction in warehouses and yards
Skid Steer LoadersEnhances maneuverability and grip on construction sites
TelehandlersOffers durability and support for heavy lifting tasks
Industrial TractorsEnsures reliability and long service life in tough conditions

Benefits of 6.50-10 Tire IND Pattern

What makes the 6.50-10 tire IND pattern so advantageous? Let’s break it down.

Enhanced DurabilityConstructed to withstand heavy loads and tough terrain
Improved TractionDeep treads and wide lugs offer superior grip
Cost-EffectivenessLong service life reduces the need for frequent replacements
VersatilitySuitable for various types of industrial vehicles

Comparison with Other Types of Tires

Comparing the 6.50-10 tire IND pattern with other types of tires helps highlight its unique advantages.

Feature6.50-10 IND PatternSolid TiresPneumatic Tires
DurabilityHighVery HighModerate
Ride ComfortModeratePoorHigh
MaintenanceLowVery LowModerate
6.50-10 tire


Here are some frequently asked questions about the 6.50-10 tire IND pattern for forklifts and other industrial vehicles.

What does the IND pattern signify?It indicates a tread design suited for industrial use, providing superior traction and durability.
How do I know if this tire fits my vehicle?Check your vehicle’s manual for compatible tire sizes and specifications.
Why choose a 12 PR tire?A 12 PR tire offers higher load capacity and durability compared to lower PR ratings.
Where can I buy these tires?Reputable suppliers include TireHub, Industrial Tire Co., Forklift Tires Direct, and Heavy Duty Tires.
What maintenance is required?Regularly check tire pressure, inspect for wear and tear, and rotate as needed.


Choosing the right tire for your forklift or industrial vehicle is essential for ensuring safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. The 6.50-10 tire with an IND pattern offers a compelling blend of durability, traction, and versatility, making it a top choice for various industrial applications. By understanding its specifications, benefits, and comparing it to other options, you can make an informed decision that best suits your needs. Always consult with reputable suppliers to get the best prices and services.

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