6.50-10 super deep tire IND pattern

6.50-10 Super Deep Tire IND Pattern for Forklift and Other Industrial Vehicles

Overview of the 6.50-10 Super Deep Tire IND Pattern

When it comes to forklift and industrial vehicle tires, the 6.50-10 super deep tire IND pattern stands out as a robust and reliable option. These tires are specifically engineered to provide exceptional durability, superior traction, and increased stability under heavy loads. Their unique design and tread pattern make them ideal for demanding industrial applications where regular tires may fall short.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into every aspect of the 6.50-10 super deep tire IND pattern, including its size, inflation pressure, tread depth, and much more. Whether you’re in the market for new tires for your forklift or looking to upgrade your industrial vehicle’s performance, this article will equip you with all the necessary information.

6.50-10 super deep tire IND pattern

Detailed Specifications of the 6.50-10 Super Deep Tire

Tire Size and Dimensions

Understanding the size and dimensions of the 6.50-10 super deep tire IND pattern is crucial for ensuring it fits your equipment correctly.

Tire Size6.50-10
Rim Diameter10 inches
Section Width6.5 inches
Overall DiameterApproximately 24 inches

Inflation Pressure and Load Capacity

Proper inflation is vital for optimal performance and longevity of the tire. Let’s look at the recommended inflation pressure and load capacity for the 6.50-10 super deep tire IND pattern.

Recommended Inflation Pressure75-85 PSI
Load Capacity (Single)3300 lbs
Load Capacity (Dual)2900 lbs

Tread Depth and Pattern Explanation

The tread pattern plays a critical role in the tire’s performance, especially in industrial settings where grip and durability are paramount.

Tread FeatureDetails
Tread Depth21 mm
Tread PatternSuper deep IND pattern
TractionHigh traction suitable for various surfaces
DurabilityEnhanced durability for prolonged use

Applications of the 6.50-10 Super Deep Tire IND Pattern

These tires are designed to excel in a variety of industrial applications. Here’s a look at where they can be most effectively used.

ForkliftsIdeal for heavy-duty forklifts requiring superior traction and stability
Industrial VehiclesSuitable for various industrial vehicles operating in tough environments
Construction EquipmentEffective for construction equipment navigating rough terrains
Warehouse OperationsPerfect for indoor and outdoor warehouse applications

Benefits of the 6.50-10 Super Deep Tire IND Pattern for Forklift and Industrial Vehicles

Choosing the right tire can significantly impact your vehicle’s performance. Here are the key benefits of opting for the 6.50-10 super deep tire IND pattern.

Enhanced TractionThe super deep tread pattern ensures better grip on various surfaces.
Increased DurabilityBuilt to withstand harsh industrial conditions and extended use.
Load Handling EfficiencyCapable of carrying heavy loads without compromising stability.
Cost-EffectivenessLong lifespan reduces the frequency of replacements, saving costs.
VersatilitySuitable for multiple applications across different industries.
6.50-10 super deep tire IND pattern

Comparison of Different Types of Tires for Industrial Vehicles

Understanding how the 6.50-10 super deep tire IND pattern stacks up against other tires can help you make an informed decision.

Tire TypeTractionDurabilityLoad CapacityCost
6.50-10 Super Deep Tire INDHighVery High3300 lbs (single)Moderate
Standard Industrial TireModerateModerate2800 lbs (single)Low
Solid Pneumatic TireHighHigh3000 lbs (single)High
Cushion TireLowLow2500 lbs (single)Low

Suppliers and Pricing Details for 6.50-10 Super Deep Tire IND Pattern

Finding the right supplier is essential for ensuring you get quality tires at a competitive price.

SupplierLocationPrice Range (per tire)Contact Information
Industrial Tire SupplyNationwide$150 – $200[email protected]
HeavyDuty Tires Inc.East Coast$140 – $190[email protected]
Midwest Tire ServicesMidwest$160 – $210[email protected]
West Coast TiresWest Coast$155 – $205[email protected]
6.50-10 super deep tire IND pattern


What is the main advantage of the 6.50-10 super deep tire IND pattern?The primary advantage is its superior traction and durability in industrial applications.
How often should these tires be replaced?Depending on usage, they typically last significantly longer than standard tires, often exceeding 3-5 years.
Can these tires be used on all types of forklifts?Yes, they are versatile and can be used on most heavy-duty forklifts.
What is the recommended inflation pressure?The recommended inflation pressure is between 75-85 PSI.
Where can I purchase these tires?These tires are available from various suppliers nationwide. Refer to the suppliers table above for more details.


The 6.50-10 super deep tire IND pattern is an excellent choice for those in need of reliable, durable, and high-performing tires for forklifts and other industrial vehicles. Its enhanced traction, load capacity, and longevity make it a standout option in the market. By understanding its specifications, applications, and benefits, you can make an informed decision that ensures the efficiency and safety of your industrial operations.

Whether you’re navigating a bustling warehouse, managing a construction site, or operating heavy-duty forklifts, the 6.50-10 super deep tire IND pattern delivers the performance you need to keep things moving smoothly. Invest in these robust tires and experience the difference in your daily operations.

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