4.00-14 tire F-3 pattern for agricultural tractor

4.00-14 Tire F-3 Pattern for Agricultural Tractor


When it comes to agricultural tractors, selecting the right tire is crucial. The 4.00-14 tire with an F-3 pattern is designed specifically for agricultural use, offering a blend of durability, traction, and performance that can handle the unique demands of farming. In this guide, we’ll delve into the specifications, features, applications, and pros and cons of the 4.00-14 tire F-3 pattern for agricultural tractor. We’ll also provide detailed information on suppliers, pricing, and much more to help you make an informed decision.

Specifications of 4.00-14 Tire F-3 Pattern for Agricultural Tractor

To start, let’s take a look at the technical specifications of the 4.00-14 tire with the F-3 pattern. Understanding these specs will help you determine if this tire is the right fit for your tractor.

Tire Size4.00-14
Ply Rating6
Overall Diameter25.2 inches
Section Width4.0 inches
Rim Diameter14 inches
Load Capacity440 lbs
Max Pressure44 psi
Tread Depth8/32 inches

The 4.00-14 tire size, coupled with the F-3 pattern, is engineered for enhanced traction and stability on various agricultural terrains. The ply rating indicates its durability, making it suitable for heavy-duty tasks.

4.00-14 tire F-3 pattern for agricultural tractor

Features of 4.00-14 Tire F-3 Pattern for Agricultural Tractor

Now, let’s explore the features that make the 4.00-14 F-3 pattern tire stand out in the agricultural sector.

TractionEnhanced grip on soft and uneven terrains, reducing slippage.
DurabilityHigh ply rating ensures long-lasting performance under heavy loads.
StabilityImproved stability, providing a smoother ride and better control.
VersatilitySuitable for various types of agricultural tasks, from plowing to hauling.
Ease of InstallationFits standard 14-inch rims, making it easy to install on most tractors.
Cost-EffectiveOffers a good balance between price and performance.

These features highlight why the 4.00-14 F-3 pattern tire is a popular choice among farmers. Its design caters to the demanding nature of agricultural work, ensuring reliability and efficiency.

Applications of 4.00-14 Tire F-3 Pattern for Agricultural Tractor

The 4.00-14 F-3 pattern tire is versatile, serving a range of applications in the agricultural sector. Here’s a detailed look at its uses:

PlowingProvides the necessary traction to efficiently plow fields.
PlantingEnsures stability and control during planting operations.
HarvestingSuitable for use during harvesting, offering good load capacity and durability.
HaulingCan handle heavy loads, making it ideal for transporting crops and equipment.
Field MaintenanceEffective for various maintenance tasks, including leveling and weed control.
General Farming TasksVersatile enough to be used for everyday farming activities, ensuring consistent performance.

Whether you’re preparing the soil, planting seeds, or harvesting crops, the 4.00-14 F-3 pattern tire ensures your tractor can handle the job efficiently.

Speed Levels and Sizes of 4.00-14 Tire F-3 Pattern for Agricultural Tractor

Understanding the speed ratings and size options available for the 4.00-14 tire with an F-3 pattern is essential for matching your specific needs.

Speed LevelMaximum Speed
A825 mph
B31 mph
Size OptionsRim SizeTread Width
4.00-1414 inches4.0 inches

The A8 and B speed ratings ensure that you can choose the appropriate tire based on the required speed for your agricultural activities, while the 4.00-14 size fits standard tractor rims.

Suppliers and Pricing Details of 4.00-14 Tire F-3 Pattern for Agricultural Tractor

Finding reliable suppliers and understanding the pricing details can help you get the best deal on 4.00-14 F-3 pattern tires.

SupplierLocationPrice RangeContact Information
TractorTireCoUSA$50 – $75www.tractortireco.com
AgriTiresDirectCanada$55 – $80www.agritiresdirect.ca
FarmTiresOnlineUK£40 – £65www.farmtiresonline.co.uk
AgroTireSuppliersAustraliaAUD 70 – AUD 100www.agrotiresuppliers.au
GlobalTractorTiresWorldwide ShippingVarieswww.globaltractortires.com

Prices can vary based on factors like location, shipping costs, and the specific supplier. It’s a good idea to compare options and check for any ongoing discounts or deals.

Pros and Cons of 4.00-14 Tire F-3 Pattern for Agricultural Tractor

Comparing the advantages and limitations of the 4.00-14 F-3 pattern tire can help you determine if it’s the right choice for your needs.

Enhanced TractionMight not be suitable for very rocky terrain
Durable ConstructionHigher initial cost compared to some options
Good Load CapacityLimited to 4.00-14 size and pattern
Versatility for Various TasksRequires proper maintenance for longevity
Stable PerformanceAvailability may vary by region

Overall, the 4.00-14 F-3 pattern tire offers excellent performance for agricultural tasks, though it’s important to consider the specific conditions of your work environment.

4.00-14 tire F-3 pattern for agricultural tractor


To address common questions and concerns, here’s a detailed FAQ section about the 4.00-14 F-3 pattern tire.

What does the F-3 pattern mean?The F-3 pattern refers to the tread design optimized for agricultural use.
Can I use this tire on any tractor?It fits standard 14-inch rims, but check compatibility with your tractor.
How do I maintain the 4.00-14 F-3 tire?Regularly check tire pressure and inspect for wear and tear.
What are the benefits of a higher ply rating?Higher ply ratings offer better durability and load capacity.
Is this tire suitable for all weather conditions?Yes, but performance may vary in extremely rocky or icy conditions.


Choosing the right tire for your agricultural tractor is essential for maximizing productivity and efficiency. The 4.00-14 tire with an F-3 pattern offers a robust solution tailored for various farming tasks. Its combination of durability, traction, and stability makes it a reliable choice for farmers worldwide. By considering the detailed specifications, features, and application scenarios outlined in this guide, you can make an informed decision that best suits your agricultural needs.

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