6.50-16 tire

6.50-16 Tire PR-1 Pattern for Agricultural Tractor

Agricultural tractors are the backbone of modern farming, and the right tire choice can make a huge difference in efficiency and productivity. Among the myriad of options available, the 6.50-16 tire PR-1 pattern stands out for its exceptional performance and reliability. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive deep into every aspect of the 6.50-16 tire PR-1 pattern, from its specifications to its benefits and applications. Let’s explore why this tire might be the perfect fit for your tractor.

Overview of 6.50-16 Tire PR-1 Pattern

The 6.50-16 tire PR-1 pattern is designed specifically for agricultural tractors, offering a balance of durability, traction, and stability. These tires are crucial for enhancing the tractor’s performance in various field conditions, ensuring that you get the most out of your machinery. Here’s a quick summary of what you need to know:

  • Size: 6.50-16
  • PR (Ply Rating): 1
  • Tread Pattern: PR-1
  • Applications: Agricultural tractors
  • Benefits: Improved traction, durability, and field performance
6.50-16 tire

Detailed Specifications

To understand the full potential of the 6.50-16 tire PR-1 pattern, let’s break down its specifications in detail.

Size and Dimensions

Tire Size6.50-16
Section Width6.50 inches
Rim Diameter16 inches
Overall DiameterVaries by brand (typically 29-30 inches)
Load CapacityVaries by brand (typically 1,250-1,500 lbs)

Tire Inflation Pressure

Proper inflation is crucial for tire performance and longevity. Here are the typical inflation pressures for the 6.50-16 tire PR-1 pattern:

ConditionInflation Pressure (PSI)
Normal Operation24-28 PSI
Heavy Load30-34 PSI
Soft Soil18-22 PSI

Tread Depth

Tread depth is a key factor in traction and wear resistance. For the 6.50-16 tire PR-1 pattern, the tread depth specifications are as follows:

Tread Depth MeasurementValue
New Tire Tread Depth20-22 mm
Minimum Tread Depth12 mm

Explaining the 6.50-16 Tire Size

Understanding tire size is essential for choosing the right fit for your tractor. Here’s a detailed explanation of the 6.50-16 tire size:

6.50Section width of the tire in inches.
16Diameter of the wheel rim in inches that the tire fits onto.

What Does Ply Rating Mean?

The PR-1 pattern in the tire’s name indicates its ply rating, which is a measure of the tire’s strength and load-carrying capacity. Here’s what you need to know:

Ply RatingDescription
PR-1Indicates a single ply of material, often used in lighter load applications.

Tread Pattern Explanation

The tread pattern is critical for the tire’s performance in different terrains. The PR-1 pattern is designed to offer specific advantages:

Tread DesignSymmetrical pattern with deep lugs for enhanced traction.
Mud EjectionDesigned to prevent mud build-up, maintaining traction in wet conditions.
Wear ResistanceBuilt to resist wear and tear, prolonging the tire’s lifespan.
Soil ProtectionMinimizes soil compaction, preserving soil health for better crop yields.

Suppliers and Pricing

Finding the right supplier and understanding pricing is crucial. Here are some top suppliers and their pricing details for the 6.50-16 tire PR-1 pattern:

SupplierPrice RangeNotes
Supplier A$100 – $120Offers bulk discounts.
Supplier B$110 – $130Includes shipping within certain regions.
Supplier C$105 – $125Provides extended warranties.
Local Retailer$115 – $135Price may vary based on location.
6.50-16 tire

Applications of 6.50-16 Tire PR-1 Pattern for Agricultural Tractors

This tire is versatile and suitable for various agricultural applications. Here are some common uses:

PlowingProvides excellent traction and stability for plowing fields.
TillingEnsures consistent performance in tilling operations.
HarvestingIdeal for use during harvesting, minimizing soil compaction.
Transporting GoodsSuitable for transporting goods within the farm premises.
General Field WorkVersatile for various other field activities.

Benefits of 6.50-16 Tire PR-1 Pattern for Agricultural Tractors

Choosing the 6.50-16 tire PR-1 pattern comes with several benefits:

Enhanced TractionDeep lugs provide superior traction in various soil conditions.
DurabilityHigh-quality materials ensure long-lasting performance.
Improved EfficiencyBetter traction and stability increase overall field efficiency.
Soil HealthDesigned to minimize soil compaction, promoting healthier crops.
Cost-EffectiveDurable and long-lasting, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Comparison with Other Tire Types

To help you make an informed decision, let’s compare the 6.50-16 tire PR-1 pattern with other common tire types:

Tire TypeTractionDurabilitySoil CompactionPrice Range
6.50-16 PR-1 PatternHighHighLow$100 – $135
6.50-16 R-1 PatternModerateHighModerate$90 – $120
6.50-16 R-2 PatternHighModerateHigh$80 – $110
6.50-16 R-3 PatternLowHighVery Low$85 – $115
6.50-16 tire


Here’s a quick FAQ section to address common questions about the 6.50-16 tire PR-1 pattern:

What is the ideal tire pressure for 6.50-16 tires?Ideal pressure varies, but generally ranges between 24-28 PSI for normal operations.
How often should I check tire pressure?It’s best to check tire pressure at least once a month or before major field operations.
Can I use 6.50-16 tires on any tractor?These tires are designed for specific tractor models, so always check compatibility with your tractor’s specifications.
What is the difference between PR-1 and R-1 patterns?PR-1 pattern offers better soil protection and durability, whereas R-1 is more common but may cause more soil compaction.


The 6.50-16 tire PR-1 pattern is an excellent choice for agricultural tractors, providing a balance of durability, traction, and soil health benefits. Its unique design and robust construction ensure that your tractor performs optimally, no matter the field conditions. Whether you’re plowing, tilling, or harvesting, these tires will help you get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Remember, choosing the right tire is crucial for maximizing your tractor’s potential. Consider the 6.50-16 tire PR-1 pattern for its numerous advantages and proven performance in the field. Happy farming!

If you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out. Your tractor deserves the best, and the right tires can make all the difference.

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