6.00-16 tire F-3 pattern for agricultural tractor

6.00-16 Tire DR-1(R-2) Pattern for Tractors

When it comes to outfitting your tractor with the right tires, the choices can feel overwhelming. One tire pattern that stands out is the 6.00-16 tire DR-1(R-2) pattern for tractor. This guide dives deep into everything you need to know about these tires, from their specifications and benefits to comparisons with other tire types. Let’s explore this essential component for tractors in a conversational, engaging style.

Overview of 6.00-16 Tire DR-1(R-2) Pattern for Tractors

The 6.00-16 tire with DR-1(R-2) pattern is a robust, versatile option designed specifically for tractors. These tires are known for their exceptional traction, durability, and performance across various terrains. Whether you’re plowing fields or hauling heavy loads, these tires are engineered to meet the demanding needs of agricultural work.

Key Features:

  • Size: 6.00-16
  • Pattern: DR-1(R-2)
  • Application: Tractors
  • Benefits: Improved traction, enhanced durability, better performance on soft and muddy soils
6.00-16 tire DR-1(R-2) pattern for tractor

Detailed Tire Specifications

Understanding the specific details of the 6.00-16 tire DR-1(R-2) pattern is crucial for making an informed decision. Below are comprehensive tables outlining various specifications, from size and inflation pressure to tread depth and PR rating.

Tire Size and Dimensions

Tire Size6.00-16
Overall Diameter (inches)28
Section Width (inches)6.5
Rim Diameter (inches)16
Aspect Ratio0.375

Tire Inflation Pressure

Load CapacityInflation Pressure (PSI)
Standard Load36
Maximum Load41

Tread Depth and Pattern Details

Tread Depth (32nds of an inch)20
Tread PatternDR-1(R-2)
PurposeEnhanced traction on soft surfaces

PR (Ply Rating) Explanation

Ply Rating (PR)6
Load RatingC

Suppliers and Pricing Details

Finding the right supplier and understanding the cost is essential. Here’s a look at some options.

SupplierPrice Range (USD)Contact Information
Tractor Tire Supply90 – 1201-800-123-4567
AgriTires Direct85 – 1151-800-234-5678
Farm Tires Co.95 – 1251-800-345-6789

Applications of 6.00-16 Tire DR-1(R-2) Pattern for Tractors

These tires are tailored for specific agricultural applications. Below is a detailed look at how they perform in various scenarios.

Common Uses

Field PlowingExcellent traction and minimal soil compaction
Hauling Heavy LoadsSuperior durability and load capacity
Muddy and Soft TerrainsEnhanced grip and self-cleaning tread design
General Agricultural UseVersatile and reliable across diverse tasks

Benefits of 6.00-16 Tire DR-1(R-2) Pattern for Tractors

Choosing the right tire can significantly impact your tractor’s performance. Here’s why the 6.00-16 DR-1(R-2) pattern is a great choice.


Improved TractionThe DR-1(R-2) pattern provides excellent grip on soft and muddy surfaces, reducing slippage and enhancing control.
Enhanced DurabilityThese tires are built to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty agricultural work, ensuring a longer lifespan.
Better PerformanceOptimized for various terrains, they offer reliable performance whether you’re plowing, hauling, or navigating rough fields.
Reduced Soil CompactionDesigned to minimize soil disruption, promoting healthier crops and more efficient farming.

Comparison of Different Tire Types

Understanding how the 6.00-16 DR-1(R-2) pattern stacks up against other tire options can help you make the best choice for your needs.

Tire Comparison

Tire Type6.00-16 DR-1(R-2)8.00-16 R-39.5-24 R-1
Tread PatternDR-1(R-2)R-3 (Turf)R-1 (Agricultural)
Best ForSoft/Muddy TerrainsTurf and LawnGeneral Agricultural Use
Soil CompactionLowVery LowModerate
Load CapacityHighModerateHigh
Price Range (USD)90 – 12570 – 110120 – 160

Detailed Explanation of Tread Pattern

The tread pattern plays a crucial role in a tire’s performance. Here’s a closer look at the DR-1(R-2) pattern.

Tread Pattern Features

DesignDeep, aggressive lugs
Self-CleaningYes, helps to expel mud and debris
TractionSuperior grip on soft and uneven terrains
Wear ResistanceHigh, designed to last longer under tough conditions
6.00-16 tire DR-1(R-2) pattern for tractor


What does the 6.00-16 size mean?The tire is 6 inches wide, fits a 16-inch rim, and has an overall diameter of 28 inches.
What is the PR rating?PR stands for Ply Rating, indicating the tire’s strength. A 6 PR rating means it’s sturdy enough for heavy loads.
How does the DR-1(R-2) tread pattern benefit my tractor?It provides excellent traction on soft, muddy terrains and reduces soil compaction.
Where can I buy these tires?Several suppliers offer these tires, including Tractor Tire Supply, AgriTires Direct, and Farm Tires Co.
How much do these tires cost?Prices range from $90 to $125 depending on the supplier.

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