6.50-15 tire

6.50-15 Tire Rib Pattern for Truck

When it comes to selecting the right tires for your truck, the 6.50-15 Tire Rib Pattern for Truck with a rib pattern stands out as a popular choice for various applications. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into every aspect of this tire, from its specifications and benefits to its applications and comparisons with other types. This article aims to provide you with detailed, SEO-optimized information that is both engaging and informative.

Overview of the 6.50-15 Tire Rib Pattern for Truck

The 6.50-15 tire rib pattern is designed specifically for trucks, offering a combination of durability, performance, and versatility. These tires are known for their rib pattern which enhances stability and provides better handling on different road surfaces. Whether you are transporting goods across the city or embarking on long highway drives, these tires ensure a smooth and safe journey.

6.50-15 tire

Specifications of the 6.50-15 Tire Rib Pattern

Understanding the key specifications of the 6.50-15 tire rib pattern is crucial for making an informed decision. Below is a detailed table presenting these specifications.

Tire Size6.50-15
Inflation Pressure50-70 psi
Tread Depth10/32 inches
Load Rating4 Ply Rating (PR)
Diameter27 inches
Width6.5 inches
Rim Size15 inches
Max Load Capacity1764 lbs

Detailed Explanation of Tire Size

The 6.50-15 tire size is an essential aspect of its identity. Here’s a breakdown of what this size entails:

Tire Width (6.50)Refers to the width of the tire in inches.
Aspect RatioExpressed as a percentage of the width.
Rim Diameter (15)Diameter of the wheel rim in inches.

The 6.50 indicates a tire width of 6.5 inches, which is suitable for medium to heavy-duty trucks. The 15 represents the rim diameter, making it compatible with a 15-inch wheel rim.

Detailed Explanation of Tire PR Rating

The Ply Rating (PR) indicates the tire’s load-carrying capacity and durability. For the 6.50-15 tire, a 4 PR rating means:

Ply RatingDescription
4 PRDesigned for lighter load carrying, providing a balance between strength and weight.

The 4 PR rating makes these tires suitable for trucks that carry moderate loads without compromising on performance.

Tread Pattern Explanation of 6.50-15 Tire Rib Pattern for Truck

The rib pattern is a significant feature of these tires, offering several advantages:

Tread FeatureDescription
Rib PatternParallel ribs along the tread
Enhanced StabilityProvides better handling and stability
Improved TractionOffers superior grip on various surfaces
Reduced Rolling ResistanceIncreases fuel efficiency

The rib pattern is designed to maintain contact with the road, ensuring stability and control, especially during high-speed travel.

Suppliers and Pricing Details

Choosing the right supplier is as crucial as selecting the right tire. Here are some top suppliers and their pricing details:

SupplierPrice RangeContact Information
Supplier A$150 – $180 per tirePhone: 123-456-7890, Email: [email protected]
Supplier B$140 – $175 per tirePhone: 987-654-3210, Email: [email protected]
Supplier C$155 – $185 per tirePhone: 555-555-5555, Email: [email protected]

Applications of 6.50-15 Tire Rib Pattern for Truck

These tires are versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications:

Urban Delivery TrucksIdeal for navigating city streets and frequent stops.
Highway HaulingSuitable for long-distance travel with consistent performance.
Light Off-RoadCan handle light off-road conditions thanks to the durable rib pattern.
6.50-15 tire

Benefits of 6.50-15 Tire Rib Pattern for Truck

There are several benefits to using 6.50-15 rib pattern tires:

DurabilityDesigned to last longer under various conditions.
StabilityEnhanced stability for safer driving.
Fuel EfficiencyReduced rolling resistance leads to better fuel economy.
VersatilitySuitable for multiple applications from urban to light off-road.

Comparison of Different Types of Tires

Comparing 6.50-15 rib pattern tires with other types helps highlight their unique features:

Tire Type6.50-15 Rib PatternOther Types
TractionSuperiorModerate to High
Fuel EfficiencyHighModerate to Low
VersatilityVersatileSpecific to certain applications
6.50-15 tire


Here are some frequently asked questions about these tires:

What is the best inflation pressure for these tires?The optimal inflation pressure is between 50-70 psi.
Can these tires handle off-road conditions?They are suitable for light off-road use.
What is the average lifespan of these tires?Typically, they last between 40,000 to 60,000 miles.
How do they compare in terms of fuel efficiency?They offer better fuel efficiency due to reduced rolling resistance.


Choosing the right tire for your truck is a decision that impacts performance, safety, and cost-effectiveness. The 6.50-15 tire rib pattern offers an excellent balance of durability, stability, and versatility. Whether you’re navigating busy city streets, cruising down highways, or venturing off the beaten path, these tires provide reliable performance and peace of mind. With detailed specifications, benefits, and comparisons, this guide aims to help you make an informed choice tailored to your specific needs.

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