18.4-34 tire PR-1 pattern for agricultural tractor

overview of 18.4-34 tire PR-1 pattern

When it comes to agricultural and industrial machinery, choosing the right tire can make all the difference. The 18.4-34 tire with a PR-1 pattern stands out as a versatile option, offering a unique blend of durability, performance, and cost-effectiveness. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive deep into every aspect of the 18.4-34 tire PR-1 pattern, exploring its size, pressure, tread depth, and more. Whether you’re a farmer looking to upgrade your equipment or simply curious about tire specifications, this article will provide all the information you need.

18.4-34 tire PR-1 pattern for agricultural tractor

Detailed Specifications of the 18.4-34 Tire PR-1 Pattern

Understanding the specifics of the 18.4-34 tire PR-1 pattern is crucial for making an informed decision. Here, we break down the key details in an easy-to-understand table.

Size and Specifications

Tire Size18.4-34
Overall Diameter62 inches
Section Width18.4 inches
Tread Width15 inches
Rim Diameter34 inches
Maximum Load7,200 lbs
Tire Weight230 lbs
Inflation Pressure24 psi
Tread Depth23/32 inches
Ply Rating (PR)1 (PR-1)

Explanation of Tire Size

The tire size 18.4-34 refers to specific dimensions and characteristics that are vital for compatibility and performance.

18.4The tire’s section width in inches when mounted and inflated, indicating a broad footprint.
34The diameter of the rim in inches that the tire fits onto, showing its compatibility with larger rims.

PR Rating and Its Importance

The Ply Rating (PR) gives insights into the tire’s strength and load capacity.

PR RatingDescription
PR-1Indicates a single-ply construction, typically suitable for light to moderate loads and providing a balance between flexibility and strength.

Tread Pattern Explanation

The PR-1 tread pattern offers unique advantages tailored for specific applications.

DesignChevron or zig-zag pattern designed for optimal traction and self-cleaning in soft soil conditions.
Depth23/32 inches tread depth providing adequate ground grip and longer wear life.
SpacingWider spacing between lugs to prevent clogging and maintain traction in muddy conditions.
18.4-34 tire PR-1 pattern for agricultural tractor

Suppliers and Pricing Details

When it comes to purchasing, knowing where to buy and the cost involved is crucial. Here’s a look at some suppliers and their pricing for the 18.4-34 tire PR-1 pattern.

SupplierPrice RangeLocationContact
Tire Mart$700 – $900Nationwide1-800-555-1234
Farm Tires Co.$750 – $950Midwest1-800-555-5678
AgriSupply$720 – $930Southeast1-800-555-7890
TractorTire Depot$710 – $920Onlinewww.tractortiredepot.com

Applications of the 18.4-34 Tire PR-1 Pattern

Understanding where and how to use the 18.4-34 tire PR-1 pattern can help you maximize its benefits.

Agricultural TractorsIdeal for general farm use, providing excellent traction and durability on fields.
Industrial EquipmentSuitable for light to medium-duty industrial machines that require robust yet flexible tires.
Construction MachineryEffective on construction sites, especially for tasks involving soil and loose material.
Utility VehiclesCan be used on utility vehicles for varied terrain and conditions, offering stability and grip.

Benefits of the 18.4-34 Tire PR-1 Pattern

Why should you consider this specific tire? Here are some compelling benefits.

DurabilitySingle-ply construction offers resilience and a longer lifespan for various applications.
TractionThe PR-1 pattern ensures optimal traction on soft and muddy surfaces, enhancing performance.
Cost-EffectivenessLower ply rating typically translates to a more affordable tire without sacrificing essential performance.
VersatilitySuitable for a wide range of applications, from agriculture to light industrial use.
18.4-34 tire PR-1 pattern for agricultural tractor

Comparing Different Types of Tires

Choosing the right tire involves comparing various options. Here’s how the 18.4-34 tire PR-1 pattern stacks up against other types.

Feature18.4-34 PR-1 Pattern18.4-34 PR-2 Pattern18.4-34 PR-4 Pattern
Ply Rating124
DurabilityModerateHighVery High
Best UseGeneral/AgricultureHeavy DutyExtreme Heavy Duty


To wrap things up, let’s address some common questions about the 18.4-34 tire PR-1 pattern.

What does 18.4-34 mean?It refers to the tire’s section width (18.4 inches) and the rim diameter (34 inches).
What is the PR-1 pattern?The PR-1 pattern indicates a single-ply rating, suitable for moderate loads and providing flexibility.
How long does the tire last?Lifespan can vary based on usage, but with proper maintenance, it typically offers a long service life.
Is this tire suitable for heavy-duty use?While it’s versatile, for extreme heavy-duty applications, a higher ply rating might be preferable.
Where can I buy this tire?Various suppliers offer it, including Tire Mart, Farm Tires Co., AgriSupply, and TractorTire Depot.


The 18.4-34 tire with a PR-1 pattern is a reliable and versatile option for many agricultural and light industrial applications. Its unique blend of durability, cost-effectiveness, and performance makes it a worthy consideration for anyone looking to upgrade their machinery. By understanding its specifications, benefits, and applications, you can make an informed decision that suits your needs perfectly.

Remember, the right tire can significantly enhance your equipment’s efficiency and lifespan, making it a crucial investment in your operations. If you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to the suppliers or consult with a tire specialist. Happy tire hunting!

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