14.9-28 tire PR-1 pattern for agricultural tractor

14.9-28 PR-1 Tractor Tires

Imagine yourself astride a powerful tractor, the engine thrumming beneath you. The vast expanse of farmland stretches before you, a canvas waiting to be cultivated. But before you conquer those fields, there’s a crucial element to consider: your 14.9-28 tire. They’re the unsung heroes, the sturdy workhorses that provide vital traction and stability for your agricultural endeavors. And when it comes to reliable performance, the 14.9-28 PR-1 pattern emerges as a champion.

Specifications of 14.9-28 tire

Understanding a tire’s specifications is akin to deciphering the language of your tractor. Here’s a breakdown of the key details embedded within the seemingly cryptic code:

14.9Section Width (in inches)
28Rim Diameter (in inches)
PR-1Ply Rating (ply number) and Tread Pattern

The section width of 14.9 inches translates to a generous footprint, offering superior ground contact for enhanced traction. The 28-inch rim diameter signifies a larger tire, ideal for tractors with higher ground clearance. Finally, the PR-1 designation indicates a ply rating of 1 (diagonal plies) and the R-1 tread pattern, a design specifically engineered for agricultural applications.

14.9-28 PR-1 Tractor Tires

Applications of 14.9-28 PR-1 Tractor Tires

Just like a tailor wouldn’t recommend a one-size-fits-all suit, tire selection hinges on intended use. The 14.9-28 PR-1 shines in various agricultural tasks:

ApplicationReason for Suitability
Tilling and CultivationThe aggressive R-1 tread pattern provides excellent bite into the soil, ensuring efficient plowing and seedbed preparation.
Planting and SeedingThe wide footprint minimizes soil compaction, safeguarding precious seed germination and future crop yields.
Haying and Forage OperationsThe robust construction and deep tread lugs offer superior traction and stability while maneuvering through uneven fields or hauling heavy loads.
Livestock ManagementThe PR-1 pattern offers reliable performance during various livestock-related tasks, from transporting feed to managing manure.

Speed Levels and Sizes of 14.9-28 PR-1 Tractor Tires

While these tires are built for endurance, not speed, understanding their limitations is crucial. 14.9-28 PR-1 tires typically fall under speed rating designations like D (40 mph) or E (45 mph). It’s vital to adhere to these limitations to ensure safety and optimal tire performance.

Where to Find 14.9-28 PR-1 Tractor Tires

Finding the right supplier is akin to scouting for a reliable partner in the field. Here’s a glimpse into potential vendors and pricing ranges (subject to change):

SupplierPrice Range (USD)
Major Agricultural Tire Brands (e.g., Galaxy, Alliance)$450 – $550
Online Retailers$350 – $450
Local Farm Equipment StoresPrice may vary depending on negotiation and brand availability

Pros and Cons of 14.9-28 PR-1 Tractor Tires

Every choice comes with its own set of advantages and drawbacks. Here’s a balanced view of the 14.9-28 PR-1:


  • Excellent Traction: The R-1 tread pattern digs deep into the soil, providing superior grip and handling, especially in loose or muddy conditions.
  • Durability: The robust construction with a ply rating of 1 ensures these tires can withstand the rigors of demanding agricultural tasks.
  • Wide Footprint: The generous section width minimizes soil compaction, promoting healthy crop growth.
  • Versatility: The 14.9-28 PR-1 caters to a wide range of agricultural applications, making it a valuable all-rounder.


  • Fuel Efficiency: Compared to narrower tires, the wider footprint can lead to slightly higher fuel consumption.
  • Ride Comfort: The deep tread lugs might translate to a slightly rougher ride compared to smoother-treaded options.
  • Not Ideal for High-Speed Applications: These tires are designed for traction and durability, not for exceeding designated speed ratings.

Making an Informed Choice: Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Tractor

Choosing the ideal tire boils down to understanding your specific needs and the unique demands of your land. Here are some additional factors to consider:

  • Terrain: If your fields are primarily flat and well-maintained, a narrower tire might suffice. However, for uneven or hillier terrain, the wider footprint and superior traction of the 14.9-28 PR-1 become more advantageous.
  • Soil Conditions: For loose or sandy soils, the aggressive R-1 tread pattern excels at digging in and maintaining grip. Conversely, if you operate mainly on hard-packed ground, a less aggressive tread pattern might be suitable.
  • Tractor Weight and Horsepower: Ensure the tires you choose have a load capacity that aligns with your tractor’s weight and the weight of the implements you typically use. Exceeding a tire’s load rating can lead to premature wear and potential safety hazards.

Beyond the Basics: Unveiling Additional Considerations

While the 14.9-28 PR-1 represents a solid choice for many agricultural applications, the world of tractor tires offers a diverse range of options. Here’s a peek into some alternatives:

  • Flotation Tires: These feature an even larger footprint compared to the 14.9-28 PR-1, ideal for minimizing soil compaction in particularly delicate environments.
  • Implement Tires: Designed specifically for implements like trailers or planters, these tires prioritize smooth rolling resistance and often come in narrower widths.
  • Dual Tires: Mounting two tires side-by-side on a single rim creates a wider footprint and superior stability, particularly beneficial for heavy-duty applications or tractors operating on slopes.

The Final Verdict: Gearing Up for Success

Selecting the perfect tractor tire is akin to choosing the right footwear for a trek through challenging terrain. The 14.9-28 PR-1, with its exceptional traction, durability, and versatility, emerges as a compelling choice for a wide range of agricultural tasks. By carefully considering your specific needs, terrain, and tractor capabilities, you can make an informed decision that empowers you to conquer your fields with confidence.

14.9-28 tire PR-1 pattern for agricultural tractor


What does the PR in PR-1 stand for?PR stands for “Ply Rating.” In this case, a PR-1 signifies a tire construction with one layer of diagonal plies.
Can I use 14.9-28 PR-1 tires for road travel?While technically possible for short distances at low speeds, it’s not recommended. These tires are optimized for off-road performance and might not handle well on pavement, especially at higher speeds.
How long do 14.9-28 PR-1 tires typically last?The lifespan depends on various factors like terrain, usage intensity, and proper maintenance. Generally, with proper care, you can expect several years of service from these tires.
Is it recommended to replace all four tires at once?Replacing all four tires at once ensures balanced wear and tear. However, if budget is a concern, replacing the two most worn tires (usually the fronts) is an acceptable option, but be sure to monitor the remaining tread depth closely.
What are some tips for maintaining 14.9-28 PR-1 tires?Regularly check tire pressure and adjust according to load and manufacturer recommendations. Maintain proper alignment to prevent uneven wear. Inspect tires for any cuts, cracks, or bulges, and address any damage promptly.

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