6.00-9 сверхглубокая шина с рисунком IND

6.00-9 Сверхглубокая шина с рисунком IND


When it comes to heavy-duty applications, the right tire can make all the difference. The 6.00-9 сверхглубокая шина с рисунком IND stands out for its robustness and superior traction, designed to handle the most demanding environments. Whether you’re working in construction, mining, or other industrial sectors, understanding the specifics of these tires can optimize performance and safety. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive deep into the key details of the 6.00-9 super deep tire IND pattern, exploring its size, inflation pressure, tread depth, PR rating, and much more.

Основные характеристики

To kick things off, let’s summarize the critical specifications of the 6.00-9 super deep tire IND pattern in an easy-to-read table.

Tire Specifications

Размер шины6.00-9
Давление инфляции75-100 psi
Глубина протектора20-25 mm
Рейтинг по плотности (PR)10-16
Грузоподъемность1230-2400 lbs
Ширина обода4.33 inches
Общий диаметр59,7 сантиметров
Ширина раздела6.2 inches

Объяснение размеров шин

Understanding tire size can be confusing, but it’s crucial for choosing the right tire for your needs.

Detailed Explanation of Tire Size 6.00-9

6.00Represents the tire’s width in inches.
9Indicates the diameter of the rim in inches.
Общий диаметрThe full diameter of the tire when mounted and inflated.
Ширина разделаШирина шины от одной боковины до другой.
Ширина ободаThe width of the rim on which the tire is mounted.
6.00-9 Шина IND

PR Rating and Its Importance

Ply Rating (PR) is a crucial factor determining the tire’s load-carrying capacity.

Подробное объяснение рейтинга PR шин

Рейтинг PRГрузоподъемность (фунты)Подходящие области применения
10 PR1230Light to moderate loads, typical in light industrial use.
12 PR1560Moderate loads, common in construction equipment.
14 PR2000Heavy loads, often used in mining and heavy-duty machinery.
16 PR2400Very heavy loads, ideal for the most demanding applications.

Объяснение рисунка протектора

The tread pattern of a tire significantly impacts its performance, particularly in challenging conditions.

Подробное объяснение рисунка протектора

Характеристика протектораВыгода
Глубокие наконечникиProvides excellent traction in mud and soft terrain.
Широкие канавкиEnhances self-cleaning ability, reducing clogging in muddy conditions.
Усиленные боковиныOffers protection against cuts and abrasions, extending tire life.
Optimized Rubber CompoundBalances durability with flexibility for varied terrain.

Поставщики и ценовая политика

Finding the right supplier at the right price is essential for maximizing your investment.

List of Suppliers and Pricing

(Поставщик)Диапазон цен (USD)Контактная информация
TireCo Industries$150 – $200www.tireco.com, [email protected]
IndusTire Ltd.$140 – $190www.industire.com, [email protected]
HeavyDuty Tires$160 – $210www.heavydutytire.com, [email protected]
SuperTread Corp.$145 – $195www.supertread.com, [email protected]
6.00-9 сверхглубокая шина с рисунком IND

Применение 6.00-9 Сверхглубокая шина с рисунком IND

These tires are designed to excel in a variety of demanding environments.

Detailed Applications

СтроительствоIdeal for loaders, graders, and other construction equipment requiring durable, high-traction tires.
ДобычаSuitable for mining equipment where deep tread is necessary to handle rough, uneven terrain.
ПромышленныйUsed in industrial machinery where high load capacity and durability are critical.
сельское хозяйствоEffective for agricultural machinery that operates on soft, muddy fields.

Benefits of 6.00-9 Super Deep Tire IND Pattern

Why choose these tires? Here are the key advantages they offer.

Detailed Benefits

Улучшенное сцеплениеDeep lugs provide superior grip in challenging conditions.
ПрочностьReinforced sidewalls and optimized rubber compound ensure long-lasting performance.
УниверсальностьSuitable for a wide range of applications from construction to agriculture.
ГрузоподъемностьHigh PR rating allows for carrying heavy loads, improving efficiency and safety.
Экономически выгодныйLong lifespan and reduced maintenance costs offer better value over time.
6.00-9 сверхглубокая шина с рисунком IND

Comparison with Other Tires

Как 6.00-9 сверхглубокая шина с рисунком IND stack up against other options? Let’s find out.

Comparative Analysis of Different Tire Types

Функция6.00-9 Super Deep Tire INDСтандартная промышленная шинаВседорожная шинаHeavy-Duty Agricultural Tire
ПрочностьВысокУмеренноВысокОчень высоко
СтоимостьУмеренноО низкомУмеренноВысок
ПриложениеIndustrial, Construction, MiningGeneral IndustrialAll-Terrain VehiclesСельскохозяйственная техника

Additional Technical Data

For those who love digging into technical details, here are some more in-depth specifications.

Technical Parameters and Ranges

Давление инфляции75-100 psi70-110 psi
Глубина протектора20-25 mm18-28 mm
Ширина раздела6.2 inches5.9-6.4 inches
Общий диаметр59,7 сантиметров23.0-24.0 inches
Грузоподъемность1230-2400 lbs1200-2500 lbs
Ширина обода4.33 inches4.0-4.5 inches
6.00-9 сверхглубокая шина с рисунком IND


Got questions? We’ve got answers. Here’s a detailed FAQ section to help clear up any lingering doubts.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

What is the optimal inflation pressure for 6.00-9 super deep tires?The optimal inflation pressure ranges between 75-100 psi, depending on the load and application.
Can these tires be used in agricultural settings?Yes, they are suitable for agricultural machinery, particularly in muddy and soft terrains.
How do these tires compare in cost to standard industrial tires?They are moderately priced, offering better durability and performance, which can justify the higher cost.
Каков срок службы этих шин?With proper maintenance, these tires can last significantly longer than standard tires, especially in harsh conditions.
Are they easy to install on existing equipment?Yes, as long as the rim size and specifications match, installation is straightforward.
Где я могу приобрести эти шины?Various suppliers such as TireCo Industries, IndusTire Ltd., HeavyDuty Tires, and SuperTread Corp. offer these tires.

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