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6.50-10 Schéma IND des pneus pour chariots élévateurs à fourche et autres véhicules industriels

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When it comes to keeping your forklift or other industrial vehicles running smoothly, the type of tire you choose can make a world of difference. The 6.50-10 tire IND pattern for forklift and other industrial vehicles is specifically designed for the demands of heavy industrial use, providing the durability, stability, and traction needed to handle tough environments. These tires are often the unsung heroes that keep the wheels of industry turning, literally. Let’s dive deep into the specifics of these tires, from their size and structure to their applications and benefits.

What is a 6.50-10 Tire IND Pattern?

In simple terms, the 6.50-10 tire IND pattern refers to a specific tire size and tread design used primarily in industrial vehicles like forklifts. The “6.50-10” indicates the tire’s dimensions, while “IND” signifies that it’s made for industrial applications. But what does this all mean for your operations? Let’s break it down.

Why Are These Tires Important?

Choosing the right tire impacts not just the performance of your vehicle but also safety and operational efficiency. The 6.50-10 tire IND pattern is known for its robustness and ability to handle various industrial terrains. This tire type is not just about getting from point A to point B; it’s about doing so efficiently, safely, and reliably.

Pneu à motif industriel 6.50-10 pour chariots élévateurs et autres véhicules industriels

Detailed Explanation of Pneus 6.50-10 IND

Understanding tire sizes can be confusing, but it’s essential for selecting the right one. Here’s what the numbers and letters mean for the 6.50-10 tire IND pattern.

Tire Size Breakdown

Taille du pneu6.50-10
Largeur6,50 pouces
Diamètre de jante25 cm
Aspect RatioGenerally inferred as standard for industrial tires
TypeBias or Radial, depending on specific requirements and manufacturer specifications

Pression de gonflage des pneus et profondeur de la bande de roulement

Proper tire maintenance is crucial for longevity and performance. Here’s a quick look at the standard inflation pressures and tread depths for 6.50-10 tires.

Pressions inflationnistes75-85 psi (pounds per square inch)
Profondeur de la bande de roulement16/32 to 24/32 inches
Capacité de chargeVaries, typically around 4000-5000 lbs per tire

PR Rating of 6.50-10 Tire IND Pattern

The Ply Rating (PR) indicates the tire’s strength and load capacity. Here’s a detailed look at the PR ratings for 6.50-10 tires.

Classement PRDescription
12 PRStandard for medium load applications, good balance of strength and comfort
14 PRHigher load capacity, suitable for heavier industrial use
16 PRMaximum strength for extremely heavy-duty applications, offers excellent durability

Tread Pattern Explanation for 6.50-10 Tire IND Pattern

Tread patterns are critical for traction and wear. The IND pattern is specifically designed for industrial use.

Sculpture de la bande de roulementDescription
Modèle INDDeep, aggressive tread with large lugs for maximum traction and durability on rough surfaces

Fournisseurs et détails des prix

Choosing the right supplier can affect your costs and service quality. Here’s a comparison of suppliers and pricing.

FournisseurIntervalle de prix (par pneu)Services complémentaires
Fournisseur A$150 – $180Free shipping, installation services available
Fournisseur B$140 – $175Volume discounts, warranty included
Fournisseur C$145 – $18524/7 customer support, extended warranty

Applications du schéma IND des pneus 6.50-10

These tires are versatile and used in various applications. Here’s how they’re typically employed.

Les chariots élévateursHeavy lifting in warehouses, construction sites, and loading docks
Tracteurs industrielsTowing and moving heavy equipment in industrial settings
Chargeurs Skid SteerManeuvering in tight spaces, often in construction and landscaping industries
Véhicules utilitairesGeneral transport of goods and materials within industrial complexes

Avantages de la 6.50-10 Pneus à motif IND

Why choose these tires over others? Here are the key benefits.

DurabilitéDesigned to withstand harsh industrial conditions, reducing downtime
TractionEnhanced grip on various surfaces, improving safety and efficiency
Capacité de chargeCapable of carrying heavy loads, suitable for demanding tasks
Rapport coût-efficacitéLonger lifespan reduces replacement costs and maintenance expenses
PolyvalenceSuitable for a range of industrial vehicles and applications

Comparaison des différents types de pneus

How does the 6.50-10 tire IND pattern compare to other types?

Type de pneuComparison Parameter6.50-10 Modèle INDOther Types (e.g., Pneumatic, Solid, Cushion)
DurabilitéHigh, designed for industrial useVaries, solid and cushion tires are also durable
TractionExcellent, deep tread patternPneumatic tires offer good traction, solid tires less so
Capacité de chargeHigh, especially with higher PR ratingsSolid tires generally have higher load capacities than pneumatic
ConfortModerate, with some vibrationPneumatic tires offer better shock absorption
MaintenanceLow, robust design reduces need for frequent replacementsSolid tires require less maintenance than pneumatic
CoûtModerate to high, depending on PR rating and supplierPneumatic tires are generally cheaper upfront but costlier over time
Pneu à motif industriel 6.50-10 pour chariots élévateurs et autres véhicules industriels


Here are some frequently asked questions about 6.50-10 tires with detailed answers.

What does 6.50-10 mean?It indicates the tire’s width (6.50 inches) and rim diameter (10 inches).
Why choose an IND pattern tire?IND pattern tires are specifically designed for industrial use, offering better durability and traction.
À quelle fréquence ces pneus doivent-ils être remplacés ?It depends on usage and conditions but generally every 2-3 years.
Are these tires suitable for all forklifts?Yes, as long as the size and load requirements match.
Quels sont les conseils d'entretien pour ces pneus ?Regularly check tire pressure, inspect for wear and damage, and rotate if necessary.


Choosing the right tire for your industrial vehicles, especially forklifts, is crucial for ensuring safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. The 6.50-10 tire IND pattern stands out as a reliable option, offering a perfect balance of durability, traction, and load capacity. With detailed understanding and proper maintenance, these tires can significantly enhance the performance and longevity of your industrial fleet.

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