Pneumatiky 9,5-24 se vzorkem R-1

9.5-24 Dezén pneumatik DR-1(R-2) pro traktory


Tractors are the workhorses of the agricultural world, and their tires play a crucial role in ensuring they operate efficiently. One of the most popular tire sizes for tractors is the 9.5-24, specifically in the DR-1(R-2) tread pattern. This tire is known for its excellent traction, durability, and suitability for a range of farming tasks. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the specifics of the 9.5-24 tire DR-1(R-2) pattern, covering everything from its size and inflation pressure to its applications and benefits.

9.5-24 DR-1(R-2) dezén pneumatiky pro traktor

Tire Size and Specifications

Understanding the dimensions and specifications of the 9.5-24 tire is crucial for selecting the right tire for your tractor. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

Specifikace velikosti 9.5-24 Tire DR-1(R-2) Pattern

Rozměr pneumatiky9.5-24
Celkový průměr42.0 inches
Šířka oddílu9,5 palců
Průměr ráfku61 cm
Nosnost1,870 lbs
Recommended Rim Width8 palců
Ply Rating (PR)4 to 8
Hloubka dezénu1.25 inches (approx)
Tlak inflace28 PSI (standard)

Vysvětlení velikosti pneumatik

The size “9.5-24” breaks down into several key dimensions:

  • 9.5: The section width of the tire in inches.
  • 24: Průměr ráfku v palcích.

This size is optimal for providing a balance between traction and flotation, ensuring the tractor can operate effectively on different terrains without sinking.

Tlak vzduchu v pneumatikách a hloubka dezénu

Proper inflation and understanding tread depth are essential for maximizing the performance and lifespan of your tractor tires.

Inflation Pressure and Tread Depth Details

Standard Inflation28 PSI
Maximum Inflation32 PSI
Minimum Inflation24 PSI
Hloubka dezénu1.25 inches

Maintaining the correct inflation pressure ensures optimal traction and minimizes wear. Tread depth is crucial for traction in various conditions, especially in muddy or loose soil where deeper treads provide better grip.

9.5-24 DR-1(R-2) dezén pneumatiky pro traktor

Ply Rating (PR) Vysvětlení

Ply rating indicates the tire’s strength and its ability to carry weight. Here’s a breakdown of ply ratings for the 9.5-24 tire:

Detailed Explanation of Ply Rating

Hodnocení plášťůNosnost (lbs)Tire Strength
4 PR1,870 lbsLight to Medium Duty
6 PR2,350 lbsMedium Duty
8 PR2,750 lbsHeavy Duty

Higher ply ratings mean a stronger tire capable of handling heavier loads and more strenuous tasks.

Vysvětlení vzoru běhounu

The DR-1(R-2) tread pattern is designed for maximum traction and performance in agricultural settings.

Tread Pattern Details of 9.5-24 Tire DR-1(R-2)

DR-1 (R-2)Deep R2 bars with enhanced spacing for mud ejection and superior grip in wet conditions. Designed to reduce soil compaction.

This tread pattern is ideal for wet and muddy conditions, offering superior traction and preventing soil build-up on the tire.

Dodavatelé a podrobnosti o cenách

Finding the right supplier and understanding the pricing can significantly impact your purchase decision.

Suppliers and Pricing Information

DodavatelCenové rozpětíZárukaUmístění
TractorTirePro$250 – $3003 rokyCelostátní
AgriTire Supply$260 – $3205 letRegional
FarmTires Direct$240 – $2902 rokyLocal/Online
HeavyDutyTires Inc.$255 – $3104 rokyCelostátní

Prices can vary based on location, supplier, and whether you’re purchasing online or in-store. It’s always a good idea to compare warranties and additional services offered by suppliers.

Aplikace 9.5-24 Tire DR-1(R-2) Pattern pro traktory

These tires are versatile and suitable for various agricultural tasks. Here’s a detailed look at their applications:

Application Details

Field TillingExcellent traction in wet, muddy conditions.
VýsadbaPrevents soil compaction, aiding seed growth.
SklizeňMaintains grip, ensuring smooth operation.
Přeprava zbožíDurable under heavy loads.
General Farm WorkVersatile for various tasks on the farm.

The DR-1(R-2) pattern is particularly effective in maintaining performance across different types of farm work, making it a reliable choice for farmers.

Výhody 9.5-24 Tire DR-1(R-2) Pattern pro traktory

Choosing the right tire can enhance your tractor’s performance significantly. Here are the benefits of the 9.5-24 DR-1(R-2) pattern:

Podrobné výhody

Lepší trakceDeep tread ensures superior grip.
TrvanlivostHigh ply ratings increase lifespan.
VšestrannostSuitable for various agricultural tasks.
Ochrana půdyReduces soil compaction, aiding crop health.
Nákladově efektivníCompetitive pricing with long-lasting performance.

These benefits ensure that your investment in 9.5-24 DR-1(R-2) tires will pay off in improved efficiency and reduced maintenance costs.

Porovnání různých typů pneumatik pro traktory

When selecting tires, it’s important to compare the DR-1(R-2) with other types available in the market.

Porovnání různých typů pneumatik

Typ pneumatikyVýhodyNevýhody
DR-1(R-2)Superior traction, durability, versatileVyšší počáteční náklady
R-1Good traction on dry soilNot ideal for wet conditions
R-3Turf-friendly, less soil compactionLess traction in muddy conditions
R-4Durable for industrial useLess suitable for wet, agricultural fields

Choosing the right tire depends on your specific needs and the conditions in which you’ll be using your tractor.

9.5-24 DR-1(R-2) dezén pneumatiky pro traktor


What is the recommended inflation pressure for a 9.5-24 tire?The recommended inflation pressure is typically 28 PSI but can vary slightly depending on the specific use and load.
Can the DR-1(R-2) pattern be used in dry conditions?Yes, but it is especially effective in wet and muddy conditions where traction is critical.
Jak často mám kontrolovat tlak v pneumatikách?It’s best to check tire pressure before each use to ensure optimal performance and safety.
Jaké výhody přináší vyšší stupeň krytí?Higher ply ratings provide greater load capacity and durability, making them suitable for heavier tasks.
Are there any disadvantages to using the DR-1(R-2) pattern?The main disadvantage is the higher initial cost compared to some other patterns, but this is offset by its durability and performance benefits.


The 9.5-24 tire with the DR-1(R-2) pattern is an excellent choice for a wide range of agricultural tasks. Its design ensures maximum traction and durability, making it ideal for challenging farming conditions. By understanding its specifications, applications, and benefits, you can make an informed decision that enhances your tractor’s performance and efficiency. Whether you’re tilling, planting, or transporting goods, these tires are built to meet your needs, providing a reliable and cost-effective solution for your farming operations.

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