Pneumatika 6.50-16

Vzorek pneumatik 6.50-16 DR-1(R-2) pro traktor


Na stránkách Pneumatika 6.50-16 with the DR-1 (R-2) pattern is a versatile and essential component for tractors, designed to enhance performance in various agricultural tasks. These tires are specifically crafted to provide superior traction, durability, and efficiency in different terrains and conditions, making them a popular choice among farmers and agricultural professionals. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the specifics of the 6.50-16 tire, exploring its size, inflation pressure, tread depth, and more. We will also compare it with other tire types, discuss its applications, benefits, and provide insights on suppliers and pricing.

Pneumatika 6.50-16

Podrobné specifikace pneumatik

Size and Dimensions of Pneumatika 6.50-16 DR-1(R-2) Pattern for Tractor

Rozměr pneumatiky6.50-16
Celkový průměr29 inches
Šířka oddílu6,5 palce
Průměr ráfku40,64 cm
Nosnost1100 lbs @ 36 PSI
Recommended Rim Width4,5 palce

Tlak vzduchu v pneumatikách a hloubka dezénu

Tlak inflace36 PSI
Hloubka dezénu21/32 inch
Ply Rating (PR)6 PR
Rozsah načítáníC

Podrobné vysvětlení velikosti pneumatik

Rozměr pneumatiky6.50-16 reflects a section width of 6.5 inches and a 16-inch rim diameter.
Celkový průměrThe tire’s total diameter is 29 inches, providing significant ground clearance.
Šířka oddíluA width of 6.5 inches ensures optimal contact with the ground for stability and traction.
Průměr ráfkuFits on a 16-inch rim, which is a standard size for many tractors.

Podrobné vysvětlení hodnocení PR pneumatik

Ply Rating (PR)The 6 PR rating indicates the tire’s strength and load-carrying capacity.
Rozsah načítáníC load range corresponds to the tire’s ply rating and overall durability.
NosnostSupports up to 1100 lbs at the recommended inflation pressure.

Vysvětlení vzoru běhounu Pneumatika 6.50-16 DR-1(R-2) Pattern for Tractor

Vzorek dezénuDR-1 (R-2) pattern is designed for enhanced traction in mud and soft soils.
Design nosičůDeep lugs provide grip and self-cleaning properties.
Odolnost proti opotřebeníVysoce kvalitní materiály zajišťují dlouhou životnost.

Dodavatelé a podrobnosti o cenách

DodavatelCenové rozpětíPoznámky
Dodavatel A$120 – $150Includes free shipping and a 1-year warranty.
Dodavatel B$130 – $160Offers bulk discounts for large orders.
Dodavatel C$125 – $155Provides installation services at additional cost.

Applications of 6.50-16 Tire DR-1(R-2) Pattern for Tractor

Orba poleExcellent traction and durability make it ideal for heavy plowing tasks.
HarrowingSuperior grip ensures efficient soil turnover and aeration.
Výsadba a setíMaintains stability and precision during planting operations.
Přeprava zbožíReliable performance for transporting goods across varying terrains.

Výhody Pneumatika 6.50-16 DR-1(R-2) Pattern for Tractor

Vylepšená trakceDeep lugs and DR-1 (R-2) pattern provide superior grip on soft soils.
TrvanlivostHigh-quality construction ensures long-lasting use.
StabilitaWider section width offers better stability during operations.
VšestrannostSuitable for various agricultural tasks and conditions.

Comparison of Different Types of Tractor Tires

Typ pneumatikyVýhodyNevýhody
6.50-16 DR-1 (R-2)Superior traction in mud and soft soils, durable, versatile.Higher cost compared to basic tires.
7.50-16 R-1Good for general agricultural use, slightly wider.Less effective in extremely soft or muddy conditions.
9.5-24 R-1Larger contact area, better for heavier tractors.Higher cost, requires larger rims.
8-16 R-1More affordable, easier to find replacements.Less traction in challenging conditions, lower load capacity.
Pneumatika 6.50-16


What is the optimal inflation pressure for a 6.50-16 DR-1 (R-2) tire?The optimal inflation pressure is 36 PSI.
How does the tread pattern affect performance?The DR-1 (R-2) pattern provides enhanced traction in muddy and soft soil conditions.
Can these tires be used for all types of tractors?They are versatile and suitable for most small to medium-sized tractors.
What is the ply rating, and why is it important?The ply rating (PR) of 6 indicates the tire’s strength and ability to carry heavy loads.
Where can I buy 6.50-16 DR-1 (R-2) tires?They are available from various suppliers, including Supplier A, Supplier B, and Supplier C.


In summary, the 6.50-16 tire with the DR-1 (R-2) pattern is a robust and versatile option for tractor use, providing excellent traction, durability, and stability across various agricultural tasks. Whether you’re plowing fields, planting seeds, or transporting goods, these tires are designed to meet the demands of modern farming. By understanding the detailed specifications, applications, and benefits, you can make an informed decision and ensure your tractor is equipped with the best tires for optimal performance.

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