Pneumatika 6.50-16

Pneumatiky 6.50-16 vzor DR-1 (R-2) pro traktor


Tractors are the backbone of modern agriculture, and the tires they ride on are crucial for efficient operation. The Pneumatika 6.50-16 with the DR-1 (R-2) pattern is a popular choice among farmers due to its durability, traction, and performance in various field conditions. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive deep into the specifics of this tire model, including size, tread patterns, pressure ratings, and more. Whether you’re upgrading your tractor tires or just exploring options, this guide will provide all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Size and Specifications of 6.50-16 Tire DR-1 (R-2) Pattern for Tractor

The size of a tractor tire is critical for its performance. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the 6.50-16 tire DR-1 (R-2) pattern.

Rozměr pneumatiky6.50-16
Průměr ráfku40,64 cm
Šířka oddílu6,50 palců
Celkový průměr30 palců
Hloubka dezénu16 mm
Ply Rating (PR)6 PR
Maximální nosnost1,760 lbs at 36 PSI
Tlak vzduchu v pneumatikách24 – 36 PSI
Pneumatika 6.50-16

Podrobné vysvětlení velikosti pneumatik

Understanding tire size can be complex, but it’s crucial for choosing the right fit for your tractor.

Rozměr pneumatikyVysvětlení
6.50-166.50 represents the tire width in inches. 16 denotes the rim diameter in inches.

The 6.50-16 tire indicates a tire that is 6.5 inches wide and fits a 16-inch diameter rim. This size ensures a balance between stability and maneuverability, making it ideal for various agricultural applications.

Podrobné vysvětlení hodnocení PR pneumatik

Ply Rating (PR) is an essential aspect of tire strength and load capacity.

Hodnocení PRVysvětlení
6 PRIndicates the tire is constructed with 6 layers of reinforcing material, enhancing durability.

A 6 PR rating means the tire has six plies, or layers, of material, providing a good balance of strength, flexibility, and weight capacity.

Vysvětlení vzoru běhounu Pneumatika 6.50-16 Vzor DR-1 (R-2) pro traktor

The tread pattern directly affects a tire’s grip and performance.

Vzorek dezénuVysvětlení
DR-1 (R-2)Designed for excellent traction in wet and muddy conditions, ideal for agricultural fields.

The DR-1 (R-2) pattern is specifically engineered to provide superior traction on soft and wet soil, reducing slippage and enhancing control during farming operations.

Dodavatelé a podrobnosti o cenách

Knowing where to buy and the cost can help in budgeting.

DodavatelCenové rozpětíKontaktní informace
Dodavatel A$150 – $
Dodavatel B$140 – $
Dodavatel C$155 – $

Prices can vary based on supplier, location, and availability. It’s always best to compare options and look for deals or bulk purchase discounts.

Applications of 6.50-16 Tire DR-1 (R-2) Pattern for Tractor

The versatility of the 6.50-16 tire makes it suitable for various uses.

Orba poleProvides excellent traction in wet and muddy fields.
SklizeňDurable and can handle the weight of harvesting equipment.
Přeprava nákladuDokáže nést těžká břemena, aniž by byla ohrožena jeho stabilita.
Obecné zemědělstvíVersatile for multiple farming activities, including tilling and planting.

Benefits of 6.50-16 Tire DR-1 (R-2) Pattern for Tractor

Choosing the right tire offers several advantages.

Vylepšená trakceThe DR-1 (R-2) pattern ensures grip in wet conditions, reducing slippage.
TrvanlivostHigh ply rating enhances the tire’s longevity and resistance to wear.
NosnostCan support significant weight, making it suitable for various farming tasks.
VšestrannostSuitable for multiple agricultural applications, enhancing overall utility.

Porovnání různých typů pneumatik pro traktory

Pochopení toho, jak Pneumatika 6.50-16 compares with other types can aid in making an informed choice.

Typ pneumatikyVýhodyNevýhody
6.50-16 DR-1 (R-2)Excellent traction in wet/muddy conditions, durable, high load capacity.May not be ideal for hard, dry surfaces where less aggressive treads are sufficient.
7.50-16 R-1Better for hard and dry soil conditions, versatile.Less effective in wet conditions compared to R-2.
8.3-24 R-1WWider tread for even more traction, good for larger tractors.More expensive, heavier, may not fit smaller tractors.
Pneumatika 6.50-16


Let’s address some common questions about the 6.50-16 tire DR-1 (R-2) pattern.

What does 6.50-16 mean?It refers to the tire width (6.50 inches) and the rim diameter (16 inches).
What is the DR-1 (R-2) pattern?A tread pattern designed for optimal traction in wet and muddy conditions, commonly used in agricultural fields.
How do I know if this tire fits my tractor?Check your tractor’s manual or consult with a tire specialist to ensure compatibility with the 6.50-16 tire size.
What are the benefits of a 6 PR rating?It offers a good balance of strength and flexibility, making the tire durable and capable of handling heavy loads.
Kde mohu tyto pneumatiky koupit?They are available from various suppliers online and offline; compare prices and check for deals.
Jak často mám kontrolovat tlak v pneumatikách?Regularly check tire pressure before each use, ideally once a week, to ensure optimal performance and safety.
Are these tires suitable for all seasons?Yes, the DR-1 (R-2) pattern provides good performance across different seasons, especially in wet and muddy conditions.
Can I use these tires on the road?While they are primarily designed for field use, they can be used on roads; however, they may wear faster on hard surfaces.


Choosing the right tire for your tractor, like the 6.50-16 tire with the DR-1 (R-2) pattern, can significantly impact your farming efficiency. From understanding the specifications to knowing the benefits and applications, this guide provides a comprehensive overview to help you make an informed decision. Remember, the right tire not only enhances performance but also ensures safety and longevity of your equipment.

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